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--Same old Shit--
What people call you:
Age: 15
State(or country): Illinois

5-10 Favorite Bands: Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Nirvana, Count the Stars, Guns N Roses, Silverstein, Poison, Greenday..
Favorite Movies: Breakfast Club, Mystery Alaska, Grease, Tommy Boy, 10 things I hate about you..
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper :)

Are you a virgin?:
What is the one thing you regret?: Losing the trust of my parents
Do you have one best friend? Tell us about them: Her name is Shannon. She's the funnest person to be around. She's always there for you when you need her, and you just gotta love her :)
Do you love your life? Most of the time
Why do you find yourself beautiful inside and out? Im beautiful on the inside because I treat others kindly and with respect. I'm very open-minded. My beauty on the outside is beautiful cause im compleltey natural.
Who are you promoting this community to? Friends, other communities

I feel that if you're very young, you have a reason. If you're stupid enough to mess around and not protect yourself well enough then you shouldnt do it at all. There's also the alternative, adoption. Dont murder an innocent child when you can put them up for adoption and they have a chance of having a good home.
Gays: If you love them, go for it. I love being around gay people, they're normal, and very pleasing to get along with. There's nothing wrong with being gay if you really feel that way. Whatever floats your boat..
Drugs: I dont really have a problem with drinking, otherwise I dont do drugs and I really dont like being around it.
Drinking: It's okay if you dont over abuse it. Just know how to control yourself.
Sex: I, personally do not wanna have sex before marrige, but if you really love that person than thats fine, Just dont go around sleeping with guys for fun, thats when i have a problem with it.
Cutting: I used to cut. Most people just do it for attention. I wish people would get help sooner. Now, I think it's stupid because I got help and know other ways to deal with my anger, but I know how they feel.
Music: I love music. Just listening to lyrics that describe what you're going through is incredable. I also love listening to the talents of people, it's amazing.

kindof a weird/funny one. heh :-P

My face is kinda cut out..sorry about that

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