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--Same old Shit--
What people call you: Danielle
Age: 17
State(or country): Pa

5-10 Favorite Bands: Tool, A Perfect Circle, Oasis, Deftones,Radio head...
Favorite Movies: American History X, kill Bill 1 and 2...
Favorite Drink: Rum and Coke.

Are you a virgin?: No.
What is the one thing you regret?: quiting Softball...
Do you have one best friend? Tell us about them: Jess- she is beautiful, shy, ditzy... a lot like me. minus the shy. lol.
Do you love your life? Surrreee do.
Why do you find yourself beautiful inside and out?; I have a great personality, and im satisfied with how i look on the outside.
Who are you promoting this community to? my friend Jessssss...

Abortion: Pro-choice, although i don't think i would have one.
Gays: for... you love who you love. no buts about it!
Drugs: Do what you want with your life, as long as you understand you're the one who made those choices.
Drinking: Go For it. Just don't let it get outta hand.
Sex: For. As long as you're not sleeping with every one you lay your eyes on!
Cutting: Against. It's horrible. No one should ever hurt themselves. It's not worth it!
Music: I love music. It calms me down, and no matter what, i can alwayssss rely on music!

and now PICTURES:

me n jess
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