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--Same old Shit--
What people call you: Kourtney
State(or country): New Hampshire

5-10 Favorite Bands: Something Corporate, The Used, Early November, Unwritten Law, Shinedown, Taking Back Sunday.
Favorite Movies: The Breakfast club, Butterfly Effect, Finding Nemo, Ice age =]
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper

Are you a virgin?: Yes
What is the one thing you regret?: Honestely, I dont regret very much at all. Sometimes i regret not doing something, but it only lasts for a day.
Do you have one best friend? Tell us about them: Yes i do, Shelby Lynn Harriman. She is honestely the greatest Person alive. We've been best friends for almost 6 Years, and thats amazing. We seriously have the kind of Friendship that EVERYONE has. And that makes me happy. I use to have a cutting problem and if it wasnt for her, i'd probably be dead right now. I owe her my Life, heres a couple pictures of us :)


Do you love your life? I do sometimes. I'm not going to complain about it though. I know that a lot of people have it worse then me, so i dont like to talk about it.
Why do you find yourself beautiful inside and out?; I'm a really really nice person. I got the "Citizen Ship Award" two years in a row, it basically means, The nicest kid in the school :) I honestely can not stand mean people, and its my biggest pet peeve. And I will admit i dont think im the worse looking person in the world..not in a cocky way. But im not too self consious.
Who are you promoting this community to?
I'm going to put it in my livejournal for others to see, and put it in the community person_ality

Abortion: Under any circumstance, even if i was raped, i would have that baby and raise it with all the love i could ever give. Noone deserves to get killed because you dont like them or want them. I mean especially if you go and have sex, and it isnt that same, and you kill the baby. Thats very unresponsiable and just basically Wrong.
Gays: I really have no clue what is wrong with them at all. Why make people not be able to love someone that they want to? That is completely wrong. I will admit that if i wanst a nice person, i would think it is weird. I mean god created Adam and Eve as two differant Genders for a reason. But Still. I have nothing against Gay People, And i never will.
Drugs: Drugs are a bad thing. I have A LOT of family members that abuse drugs and it really really effects me and everyone around them. I remember i cried for like a straight week when i found out. Its a horriable thing, that can ruin not only your life, but everyone elses life around you.
Drinking: I think drinking is fine, if you dont abuse your privelage to do so. If you abuse,  its just bad and can ruin your life. I dont get why pepole think its worth it, because it really isnt.
Sex: I'm undecided with Sex. I think that if your in love and know that you almost always will be with that person, and if you are a responsiable age and you dont do it every day, its Fine. But i mean if you do it like every day, its not safe, and you rlike 13, thats just wrong!

Cutting: Cutting is so difficult to explain. I've had a problem with it for about a year, and im learning to just stop. I have hurt so many peoples feelings. I have to see my school guidance consuler everyday, i made my parents and my sister cry. I made my brother awfully upset, and my best friends. It ruins your life. It like, overcomes  ( idk if thats the right word) you. It's your life, and its all you ever think about. You feel like you can never stop.  Its something you never want to start doing. You get special attention and you dont like it, its just a bad thing.
Music: Music is my LIFE. It's crazy. It makes me feeel important almost, because im not the only person feeling the way i feel. I like how i can relate to it and stuff. Whenver i'm sad or whatever, tahts what i do, i listen to music and it makes me happy :) I ilke being happy.

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