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--Same old Shit--
What people call you: nichole nikki or nic
Age: 18
State(or country): oklahoma

5-10 Favorite Bands: fuel. raising able. something corporate. seether. sarah mclaughlin. tonic. Thousand Foot Krutch. 311
Favorite Movies: american history x. gia, girl interupted. city of angels. what dreams may come. it. little mermaid. lion king. big fish. life or something like it
Favorite Drink: big red

Are you a virgin?: no
What is the one thing you regret?: loosing my virginity when i was 11
Do you have one best friend? Tell us about them: her name is michelle. we are identical yet so different. we can tell each other things and not be ashamed. shes so artistic, gorgeous inside and out.
Do you love your life? it's taken a long time for me to be able to love my life ive come along way and now im finally able to say that i do.
Why do you find yourself beautiful inside and out?; ive been through a lot of things for my life for me being only 18 and i know a lot of people if they had to go through those things they would of given up. but i havntWho are you promoting this community to? i am promoting it on my lj info page

Abortion: even though i believe its murder i understand that there are times that a girl has to do it.
Gays: love is love noone has the right to judge even though we think we do. if you dont approve of it thats your deal and we all have our own opinions. gays dont try to force us to be gay so why do straights try to force them to be straight? (im not sure if that made since im sorry)
Drugs: people do them for fun. but people also do them to die. i use to play with life everyday push myself to see how much i could handle. doing more and more every night saying tonight ill die but i never did. and now my health is messed up. i cant remeber the simple things like remebering my home phone number. or address. people think its ok to do drugs as long as its not everyday because they dont relize it messes with every part of your insides.
Drinking: i use to drink 2 pints of 80 proof vodka a day. it ruins peoples lives more then they relize or wish to admit it
Sex: if you think you will be able to handle all the emotions that go with it
Cutting: ive always hurt myself in some way. starting at the age of 2. i started cutting when i was 9 because everything else i did quit hurting. a lot of cutters feel that the blood lets them know they are still alive. its kind of like a drug. you say you can quit but you cant. cause when you are stuck back in that spot. its what you reach for.. people that dont know how it feels to cut say we do it for attention. maybe we do. everyone does something everyday for attention. you dont have to agree with the way we handle our feelings. but you have no place to bash us.
Music: i love music music is therapy for everyone in some way. theres always that song that you can relate to. one that expresses the feelings you dont know how to express.
and now PICTURES:

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